• WOW - Clear - Braille - Ultra High

Braille powder has been formulated to raise to the exact height that allows braille text to be read. Using a braille font on your pc it is possible to print by InkJet and produce dimensional braille with this powder. Be careful not to over heat as the powder will spread and the height will be affected.

Also used by Crafters for jewellery decoration by melting it in a pot or stamping into it for de-bossed effects.

This is the largest grade (particle) size available. It will give a very high raise and is sometimes referred to as “Enamel”.

To emboss, at first use an ink - stamp and then sprinkle embossing powder. Melt it using heat gun.

15ml (0,5oz),

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WOW - Clear - Braille - Ultra High

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